3 February 2020 Current Affairs Quiz for SSC, UPSC, RRB

Hey Guys, Welcome back to Study QnA Current Affairs. Today 3 February and we are going to discuss the 3 February 2020 Current Affairs. 

3 february 2020 current affairs

3 February 2020 Current Affairs

1) Who is appointed as the new High Commissioner for Canada?

(A) Ajay Bisaria

(B) HE Paven Kapoor

(C) Riva Ganguly Das

(D) Vikas Swarup

Answer is (A) Ajay Bisaria

2) Who is appointed as the new chairman of CBIC?

(A) Megha Jha

(B) M. Ajit Kumar

(C) Pranab Kumar Das

(D) Rajnish Kumar

Answer is (B) M. Ajit Kumar

3) Pension Kanuma Doorstep scheme has been launched in which of the following state?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Arunachal Pradesh

(C) Madhya Pradesah

(D) Uttar Pradesh

Answer is (A) Andhra Pradesh

4) Who is appointed as the new Prime Minister of Iraq?

(A) Mohammed Allawi

(B) Adil Abdul-Mahdi

(C) Barham Salih

(D)Haider Al-Abadi

Answer is (A) Mohammed Allawi

5) India signed Addu MoU with which country?

(A) Maldives

(B) Sri Lanka


(D) China

Answer is (A) Maldives

6) How much amount of Budget is allocated in 2020-21 budget for the Agricultural Sector?

(A) 1.9 Lakh Crore

(B) 2.6 Lakh Crore

(C) 2.83 Lakh Crore

(D) 2.93 Lakh Crore

Answer is (C) 2.83 Lakh Crore

7) Who is the winner of 2020 Australian open?

(A) Novak Djokovic

(B) Dominic Thiem

(C) Rajeev Ram

(D) Pierre-Hugues Herbert

Answer is (A) Novak Djokovic

8) What is the name of first indigenous bio-jet fuel air-craft of India?


(B) AN-30

(C) An-31

(D) AN-32

Answer is (D) AN-32

8) Which Indian was declared as the World Game Athlet of the Year (2019)?

(A) Saina Nehwal

(B) Pv sindhu

(C) Rani Rampal

(D) None of these

Answer is (C) Rani Rampal

9) Which of the following country is declared as the top import country for India?

(A) China



(D) Russia

Answer is (A) China

10) Which of the following Company has launched the Tangi app for Short Video Platfoem

(A) Facebook

(B) Tik-Tok

(C) Amazon

(D) Google

Answer is (D) Google

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